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Black & White Printing with the DE VERE 504DS

Real black & white prints from digital files.

The DE VERE 504DS system uses real tungsten lights to print on to black & white photographic paper.

Since the digital revolution, B&W has taken a back seat in quality production.

Laser, dye-sub, ink-jet etc. have NOT been able to produce the same degree of quality in B&W reproduction, particularly with fibre-based materials as have been achieved with colour.

Now this is possible as the DE VERE 504DS system uses exactly the same exposing procedures as has been used since photography began, i.e. projecting light on to photo-receptive paper and developing in the normal way.

With the conversion of B&W images from the negative/positive of digital input via the LCD system that produces a “virtual negative”.

Preparing the image with dodging, shading etc via Photoshop and using normal tungsten light projection, normal photographic prints are obtained using the full range of B & W materials.