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DE VERE 504DS Digital Enlarger

The DE VERE 504DS digital enlarger brings digital life to your darkroom.

The DE VERE 504DS digital enlarger is supplied ready to use, allowing you to create expose both colour and B&W prints from digital files onto standard photographic material.

The complete solution:

  • 17 Megapixel LCD Panel
  • Precision Enlarger Column
  • Front of Baseboard Controls
  • Power Suppy
  • 50mm Rodenstock Lens
  • PC System with DS Software

Choice of two light sources:

  • DigiLite Tungsten
  • LED Technology

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Company News
Making a Fashion Statement

The world’s only digital enlarger just became better, and taking full advantage if its added facilities is one of the world’s leading photographic colleges.

Black & White Printing

Real black & white prints from digital files.

DE VERE 504 DS Enlarger Review

A historic name in enlarging has come alive again, thanks to some digital tinkering to an analogue machine…

LED Light Source

New LED light source makes digital unit available to update existing DE VERE, Durst, Omega and ZBE enlargers.

Digital Enlarger Update

Pixels doubled to 17.2 million megapixels and simpler control software.