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Digital Enlarger Update

Pixels doubled to 17.2 megapixels and simpler control software.

The latest update doubles the resolving power of the enlarger making even better high quality results possible and bigger degrees of enlargement.

This latest update widens the range of use for the system making black & white printing on to fibre-based materials in large sizes a reality.

With the high pixel camera and higher resolution scanner, the enlarger now matches the results in printing output as in the taking of the image.

New control software has been developed to make the printing operation even simpler.  Only four steps:

  1. Download Image
  2. Focus
  3. Put paper on Baseboard
  4. Expose
Sample prints can be made on request, please contact us for more information.


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Digital Enlarger Update

Pixels doubled to 17.2 million megapixels and simpler control software.